Physicians, Dietitians, and Health Professionals.

Become a Wellness Campaign Affiliate.

Help your patients lose weight and improve their health in a sustainable way with the proven 15-session Wellness Campaign program. Our average participant loses about 20 pounds. Among those who lose significant weight, 69% keep most of the weight off a year later.
(Our research paper is published in the November 2017 issue of the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine/JABFM.)

For Your Patients:

  • Focus on healthy habits and medically proven nutritional principles
  • Create sustainable change, not quick results
  • No diets or meal plans
  • Comprehensive program covers nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, and much more
  • Lifestyle strategies for cooking, shopping, family interactions, holidays, restaurants
  • Access included to “Portal to Wellness” for support and content

For You:

  • Professional training by the program’s founders, Dr. Wayne Altman and dietitian Kerri Hawkins
  • Access to worksheets and videos
  • Insurance and billing consultation
  • Low one-time fee per patient
  • Free access to “Portal to Wellness” for support and content