Woburn Wellness Campaign
Create a Culture of Wellness in Woburn

Take our $1000 proven wellness program for no charge . . .
thanks to a donation from Cummings Foundation.
200+ participants have lost 4,000+ pounds and kept most of the weight off.
You already know what to do.
You need the support & accountability to do it.
Our program provides you with the tools to achieve long term success.

Help Grow the Culture of Wellness in Woburn!

What: 14 sessions on Wednesday afternoons/evenings (Jan 8 thru Apr 15)
Where: Eight different schools in Woburn


  • 3-4PM at the Altavesta, Linscott, Reeves, and Shamrock
  • 2:30-3:30 PM at the Kennedy and Joyce Middle Schools
  • 2-3 PM at the High School
  • 7-8 PM at the Hurld Wyman

Cost:  FREE thanks to a generous grant from the Cummings Foundation(Childcare will likely be available)

Start Date: Wednesday January 8, 2020

To sign up: email Shannon.Manuel1@gmail.com the following information:

  • First, Last name
  • Email address and cell phone number
  • Preference for school location

How The Program Works

Jan 2018 – Apr 2018

Working with our founders Dr. Wayne Altman and dietitian Kerri Hawkins, learn how to transform your habits and lose weight, one habit at a time. 15 weekly sessions on Wednesday afternoons from 3:15-4:45 pm, starting January 10. This program, normally $1000, is free for residents of Woburn only. 

May 2018

Consider becoming a Woburn Wellness Coach.

Sep 2018 – June 2019

Run your own wellness groups for fellow employees and Woburn residents.