What did you accomplish with your wellness campaign?
Tangibly, I lost 38-40lbs, the majority of a 54lb total loss in 1 year. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would ever see sub-200lbs again…or at least until it was too late. The confidence gained has permeated other areas of my life.  It has made my family relationships even better than they were.  I learned the tools to manage my wellness for the rest of my life. I feel better.  I am more confident.  I am more energized. I am a better happier version of me.

How has your health changed?
My blood pressure [is now normal].  My back hurts much less.  My chronic knee pain is less frequent and less severe. I even have more confidence in putting strain on my knee. But my favorite is that I no longer groan when I get up off the floor.  In fact, I can even jump off the floor!

What specific habits have you changed?
Many of the successful techniques have become habits: significantly reduced sugar intake, even better food purchases, smaller portions, daily walking/activity, to name a few.

Are you confident that those habits will not change back? Why?
Yes, I am. I suppose it is simple to say, but now, I know. This is a way of life.  I had been living another way of life, one ingrained in me through my family and activity environments of my past.  Having learned this new one, with the time to assimilate it into my everyday being, this is now who I am.  I did not know this “me” before; now I do.

What keeps you motivated?
Simple: my son and my desire to be an active father to him (and any other children that may follow).

What would you advise others who are struggling and want to accomplish what you have?
There is not just one fix.  There is no diet or exercise program that can so dramatically transform your whole body wellness in such a way.  Indeed relying on one method is almost folly.  It is like climbing a mountain with one boot, no jacket, no water, and no food.  When looking to succeed at wellness from this “whole”-istic approach, you are given so many tools to support your process that it is made manageable, reasonable, and achievable.  What one must do, however, is mentally commit to the process and trust it.


What made you decide “enough was enough” and it was time to work on your wellness and lose weight?
My doctor recommended it to me.  But, what made me say yes?  I  had been overweight and obese for some time.  I was 66 when I decided to lose the weight and the last time I was a healthy weight was when I was 27.  I  had developed type 2 diabetes and started to realize how dangerous that could be.

What did you accomplish with your wellness campaign?
I lost 37 pounds. I am no longer diabetic.  And, I can now enjoy my favorite activity:  shopping for clothes in any store, rather than being limited to stores that have clothes for large women.

Is there anything you are going to do/doing now that you never would have done before you lost the weight and improved your wellness?
I have been working out at the Y on a regular basis.  Exercise has always been a challenge for me.  In the past i could always find a reason for why I couldn’t exercise that day.  It is still a struggle for me, but my commitment to keep moving is strong.

Are you confident that those habits will not change back? Why?
Yes, I am confident because losing weight is not easy.  It is hard work.  I don’t ever want to have to work this hard to feel this good again.

What would you advise others who are struggling and want to accomplish what you have?
Make a commitment to your wellbeing, get the support of a group and hold the vision of a healthy you.

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